This post is showed how to control a steeper motor with an Ardbox analog.

Example requirements:

Important: our equipment?s are prepared for work with common ground !!!


Once we have all the requirements we proceed to connect?Ardbox, Driver and Stepper motor.

Usually the Stepper Drivers has at least 3 Inputs (Enable, Direction y Pulses). On our Ardbox we will connect the GND and the 5V from the SPI side between the GNDCom and 24Vcom from the Output side (Q?s). With that we will fix outputs at 5V. We will connect GNDCom with GND of the Stepper Driver. And we will use two outputs to control Enable and Direction. In this example we have used Q0_0 for Direction and Q0_1 for Enable. At last we will connect PIN 3 to PULL (Pulses).

Important: to generate a PWM enough fast to control a stepper motor we must use PIN 3 (Ardbox) and PIN 3 and PIN2 (M-Duino). The normal digital outputs of our equipment?s (Q?s) are limited over 500Hz!!!

Once inputs driver are connected we proceed to connect the stepper motor. Each phase has to be connected with its respective driver output. And connect power supply of the Driver. In our example it is used a stepper motor of 12V and 1,8? angle for each phase.

Next is showed an example code controlling the stepper motor for turn on the same side