Tools40 library?include?SimpleComm library, Filter library and Timer library.

With the?SimpleComm library?you can send data through any Arduino Stream: RS-485, RS-232, and Ethernet? It is enough flexible to support different kind of communication typologies: Ad-hoc, Master-Slave, Client-Server? Using an easy to use API.

Filter library includes filtering software that allow you to smooth analog inputs. This is really useful when you have an analog signal that is unstable.

With?Timer library?you can create 3 different timers like Ladder standard Timers:

  • PulseTimer : when there is a rising edge on input value, PulseTimer active Output during the selected time.
  • OnDelayTimer: when Input is active (HIGH) during the defined time, the related Output will be active. Output will be disabled when Input is inactive.
  • OffDelayTimer: As the same of OnDelayTimer, but?when Input is inactive (LOW) during the defined time, the related Output will be active. Output?will be disabled when Input is active.

Next it is explained?how to use?Filter library and the Timer library:

First you have to define the Timer or the Filter and give it a name. After that, you just have to create a variable and related with the wanted Input. On Timers the last step is to use this variable to selected Output. Next it is showed an example of how to use it.